I’ll get right to the point. If you’ve found your way to this site, you probably have some significant level of interest in golf. And more than that – you have an interest in improving your game. And but for a few elite pros, that’s pretty much all golfers. Which is why I’m here.
And who am I?

bobby-01aI’m just some PGA guy that teaches out of a humble small town Texas golf club about 30 miles west of Houston. I’ve not been Tiger’s swing coach. Or Jordan’s. Or Rickie’s. Or Rory’s. Why should you listen to me? I don’t have any slick DVDs to my name, nor am I writing columns for Golf Digest (which is just fine).

Trust me. The average golfer is not too good for even the most average PGA teacher.

So, here’s why you might want to listen me. Because I’ve spent the better part of my 30-year career teaching folks like you. Those who want to take it to the next level. And then to the next… And so on. And yes – I’ve prepared a few students for the PGA Tour as well.

Why am I here?

It’s simple… this site affords me the opportunity bring thoughts and ideas – and even a few more seasoned teachers – together to a wider audience. It’s an opportunity to grow the game by fostering the necessary ingredients needed to promote consistent growth and vibrant camaraderie.

This community is poised to be something special. A community of golf enthusiasts obsessed on growing, refining, tracking, achieving results, and sharing. And this of idea sharing within the Golf Obsessed community is perhaps the coolest part. I’m confident that I have something significant to offer.

All golf teachers come from a similar body of work provided by the teachers that came before us. But what matters is how we’ve internalized that knowledge into a specific point of view.  For me, it’s simple. Many golfers overthink it. And most of the golf industry is over-stimulation. Therefore, my desire – my obsession – is to help you reach your golf goals in the richest way possible. This site is a great way to do just that.