The Real Bobby Browne
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I’ll get right to the point. If you’ve found your way to this site, you probably have some significant level of interest in golf. And more than that – you have an interest in improving your game. And but for a few elite pros, that’s pretty much all golfers. Which is why I’m here.
And who am I?

bobby-01aI’m just some PGA guy that teaches out of a humble small town Texas golf club about 30 miles west of Houston. I’ve not been Tiger’s swing coach. Or Jordan’s. Or Rickie’s. Or Rory’s. Why should you listen to me? I don’t have any slick DVDs to my name, nor am I writing columns for Golf Digest (which is just fine).

Trust me. The average golfer is not too good for even the most average PGA teacher.

So, here’s why you might want to listen me. Because I’ve spent the better part of my 30-year career teaching folks like you. Those who want to take it to the next level. And then to the next… And so on. And yes – I’ve prepared a few students for the PGA Tour as well.

Why am I here?

It’s simple… this site affords me the opportunity bring thoughts and ideas – and even a few more seasoned teachers – together to a wider audience. It’s an opportunity to grow the game by fostering the necessary ingredients needed to promote consistent growth and vibrant camaraderie.

This community is poised to be something special. A community of golf enthusiasts obsessed on growing, refining, tracking, achieving results, and sharing. And this of idea sharing within the Golf Obsessed community is perhaps the coolest part. I’m confident that I have something significant to offer.

All golf teachers come from a similar body of work provided by the teachers that came before us. But what matters is how we’ve internalized that knowledge into a specific point of view.  For me, it’s simple. Many golfers overthink it. And most of the golf industry is over-stimulation. Therefore, my desire – my obsession – is to help you reach your golf goals in the richest way possible. This site is a great way to do just that.

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Get Better at Golf by NOT Following That One Weird Trick
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It’s called “clickbait” – a term born online from dubious authors using hyperbolic and sensationalist headlines trying to harvest your clicks. And as much as online aficionados and social media content brokers are becoming more and more wary of the practice, the golf industry – as per usual – is a step or two behind. And it’s not just happening on the web.

Nearly all of the big name golf coaches out there are filling up air time during each commercial break selling books, DVDs, blueprints, buzzwords, gadgets and promises of “saving up to 20 strokes ON YOUR VERY NEXT ROUND!”, and so on.

And to keep up, magazines, content sites and blogs are pumping out more tips and outlandish copy lines each and every month! New tips, trends, and some tips that blatantly refute the last guy’s tips. You can rest assured the next tour pro that comes along and wins a tournament with some unique swing style, or putting method is going to be featured in glorious step-by-step fashion. And the writer always ends the article with something like: “do this, and watch that handicap shrink before your eyes…”

Guess what? It won’t end. What would the media self-help machine do if it did? It’s like the fitness business… It’s an INDUSTRY. Now hear me out. I’m also not saying it’s completely bad. Honestly, with cable networks, YouTube, downloadable content, mobile devices, GPS apps and stat tracking apps, one could argue that it’s a great time to be learning the game. And who am I to argue? There’s plenty of high-quality resources out there for the googling.

Why am I not writing magazine “tips” and features?

The magazines and blogs would not like what I have to say.

I’d be the guy that tells readers to ignore all the myriad tips that get printed month-in and month out. To stop watching the 5 different shows telling them to do what the last PGA winner does. To resist getting sucked into buying all the gadgets (except for a couple of alignment rods) that promise immediate improvement, for now. I’m the guy that’s going to tell you to quit overthinking it. And that doesn’t bode well for the overstimulated consumer culture that the industry counts on.

Just get off the computer, stop what you’re doing, and go buy an alignment rod, already.

I’m boring. Simple is boring. But improvement is anything but.

When was the last time you genuinely improved your game over a brief period, only to rebound into a world of frustration? Of mis-hits shanks, and the feeling of the game leaving you again? It’s simple. You’ve been left un-checked. Left to your own devices (or quick improvement tips, or a seductive “10-more-yards-off-the-tee”, or literally… devices!), you’ve been promised immediate results when you should’ve been given a plan to build solid habits upon solid habits.

One solid habit is worth more for you than 100 weird tricks.

And then when you’re ready – you can begin adding more nuanced habits ON TOP OF those already ingrained habits. News flash: you have no business worrying about clearing your hips, or making sure your glute medius is firing correctly if the large muscles in your core aren’t doing their job. Yes, that takes time. And when done correctly, the nuances begin to appear naturally. Ben Hogan knew this when he wrote his masterpiece, The Five Fundamentals of Golf. Magazines and golf sites don’t want to hear this. I tell my students that they’re not allowed to try any “magazine” tip until they clear it with me, first. Chances are, I have something more fundamental for them to work on that will accomplish the same thing.  Only, this time it will stick.

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It Takes a Village
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We all love our social networks, don’t we? And even if  things like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram aren’t your daily drug of choice, you can still probably point to a personal network of friends that have – for lack of a better term – kept you honest.

thumb-likeSo what about golf? Do you have a swing coach? A friend who holds you accountable? Or at least gives you another set of eyeballs? What about the guys in you regular foursome (assuming you have one)? Do they give you helpful advice? Are they encouraging you? Challenging you? Celebrating your milestones? Do they genuinely care about your milestones? It’s ok… you don’t have to answer that…

Don’t think I don’t see what goes on after a round… Everyone walks off, talking about their own game. Rarely do you talk about each other’s game.

Here’s one for you – when have you ever gone to the driving range with a buddy and you both worked on your weaknesses while providing feedback for each other? Right. And yet, ironically, there are very few sports out there that need as much accountability, encouragement, and an extra set of eyeballs as golf.

The many things we can learn from gym rats.

Talk to someone who is successful in the gym. Most of them will tell you they have a workout partner. Especially the serious competition weightlifter types. Not only do their friends keep them accountable, they are a source of encouragement. And most importantly, they serve as an ESSENTIAL extra pair of eyeballs. With weight lifting, form and technique is everything. And it can easily get as nuanced as the golf swing.

Our CEO got much of his inspiration for this site from an online weightlifting community.

That’s right – weightlifters are way ahead of golfers with this concept! It makes sense… There are tangible and personal goals to strive for; metrics to measure along the way; nuances to perfect technique; various points of view on said technique (depending which “guru” you talk to)… sound familiar?!

And while, yes, the PGA and others make significant efforts to get folks into lessons with a local PGA coach – for most of you, financially or logistically, it just may not be feasible. I know – we can’t all afford to spend regular time with Butch Harmon, and then see our personal trainer… and nutritionist… and then our putting coach… and our sports psychologist… But for some reason (some very good reasons), the Tigers, Rickies and Jordans of the world feel they need that.

While I know that it’s overkill for an 18 handicapper to have all of these folks at their disposal, wouldn’t it be great to at least have many of these resources at your fingertips? At your discretion? According to your schedule?

Amazing things can happen when you gather like-minded (read: golf obsessed) people from all over the world. Crowdsourcing mixed with hand-picked subject matter experts and a close knit circle of friends. That’s what thegolfobsessed.com is all about.


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