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The Big Idea...

Backed by dedicated PGA professionals, along with a library of exclusive resources, TheGolfObsessed.com (TGO) is designed specifically to be an online community of support, encouragement, knowledge and camaraderie for the golf obsessed; to ultimately improve, learn, geek out and share in all things golf.

Like any pursuit worth achieving, it takes a village. Being a member of TheGolfObsessed.com means that the encouragement, accountability and overall crowd-sourced help you receive will simply blow you away. You’ll be just as surprised how much fun it is to lend a hand as much as it is to receive one.

If being pushed by your TGO posse isn’t enough, you’ll see your progress in real-time charts, graphs and overall data. Track your progress like the pros do. See how your data stacks up against those in your handicap bracket, and get immediate feedback on what you need to work on next. On top of that – you’ll have direct access to real PGA pros and fitness experts alike.

No, you’re not the only one out there obsessed with golf. This will be delightfully obvious once you hop on to our Forum area. If you’ve thought of a topic to obsess over, guaranteed it’s already being talked about. Equipment, technique, gadgets, travel, meet-ups, virtual tournaments, you name it. With thousands of golfers like you from every corner of the golfing world, awesome conversations will abound.

It’s one thing to read a book over and over, or gloss over the same tips in that golf magazine, but when you’re surrounded by your inner circle, proven professionals and thousands of members from all over the world, we’ll bet that you’ll be on a constant mission to improve and encourage.


Your Inner Circle

It takes a village. Find members and follow them. People are going to start following you. It’s mandatory. This is the lifeblood of the TGO experience. Be encouraged by others. Be helpful to others. Win-win.

Activity Log

Upload every round. Use an app to keep score when you play? Even better. Also – we make it a snap to log your trips to the driving range. Post a quick video of that stubborn slice. This is how we know what each other is up to. How else are you gonna talk smack or lend an encouraging word? …or maybe both!

News Feed and Alerts

Get alerts for when your buddy in New Zealand plays 18 holes. Or when someone comments on that medal you got for your first eagle.  This is your chance to see how your friends are progressing. Or could be progressing with a little encouragement. Either way, you get to help out. And they get to return the favor.

The Forum

This the area where the whole TGO community comes together over common topics. Get involved. Start a thread. Got a new putter? Write a review in the “equipment” section. Traveling to Phoenix? Ask for course recommendations. We golfers love to help. Are you any different?

Lesson Tee

With your annual membership, you get 2 trips to the lesson tee per year. Post a video of your swing, and within 48 hours you’ll get an evaluation and specifics to work on by our PGA pros on staff. Everything is better when a fresh set of eyes are there to help. Even better when they’re “PGA Pro” eyes.

Knowledge Base

Our lead PGA Pro, Bobby Browne is a swing guru. And he’s not the only one. We have other teaching pros as well as personal trainers and a physical therapist joining the fray. Videos and content unique ONLY to TGO members will be filling up the library. Yep – I just called it a library.

Killer Stats & Graphs

Golfers are statisticians. And even more so when we have cool tracking tools to make it easy. Look no further. With every round of golf and and practice session you log, our site automatically keeps your handicap, and tons of stats to track. Even tips on what to focus on next.

Get Rewarded for Improvement

Who doesn’t love recognition? First round with a birdie? First time to break 100? 90? 80? Single digit handicap? Time to flaunt that medal with your followers. There’s also a yearly leaderboard that tracks points for improvement. It ain’t the FedEx cup, but it’s gonna be something… We just don’t know what to call it, yet.

And So Much More...

Meetups, tournaments, the TGO Open… all kinds of ideas are in the works to be added once we get officially launched. Too many to list. And frankly, we don’t want to tip our hand too much. Rest assured… We’re committed to constant improvement of the TGO experience just like our members are to golf.

Who’s Behind This

Bobby Browne PGA

Dir. Golf Instruction, Co-founder

PGA pro. Teacher, and Manager of Stephen F. Austin Golf Course just west of Houston, TX. And over 3 decades of experience with all of the above. With a forthcoming book in the works, we will be adding ‘published author’ to that list.

Rob Camper

CEO, Co-founder

Brand builder. Teacher. Media creator. Speaker. Published writer on Brand Discipline. And specialist in many forms of community building. Oh yeah – and 100% golf obsessed.

Buddy Cox

CFO, CIO, Co-founder

Business guru. Gifted entrepreneur. And we can’t have a tech-driven online community without a serious tech leader. I guess this would be a good time to mention that he made the CIO 100 list.

TGO is being designed to work with the following apps (v1.0):

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Interested in what we’re doing? Drop us a line so we can keep you posted (or get you involved)!

We’re currently rounding up early-adopters, so if you want to be among the first to be a TGO member, you will get your first 2 years free. Let us know that you are interested and we will add you to the list of candidates and send a follow-up email. This will be a selective process while the site itself is being built. The TGO community will be one of collaboration, encouragement and obsession. What you put in will be returned to you 10-fold, so non-involvement is not an option!

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